Maintenance of the sterilization equipment throughout the life cycle of the product

Finstec Oy offers services for the maintenance of sterilisation equipment. Our services include preventive maintenance, repairs, calibrations, installations, equipment transfers and refurbishments. We also provide a range of support services, including equipment procurement consultancy, sterilization programme development, maintenance advice and technical support by telephone and email.

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We offer maintenance for all sterilization, disinfectant washing machines, steam and water equipment on the market at cost-effective prices and with the professionalism that comes with decades of experience.


We offer a wide range of products such as sterilizers and washing machines. We act as a representative for CISA, Puricom and STERIS in Finland and as a service representative for CISA, AT-OS, Puricom, Celitron and STERIS in the Nordic countries and EMEA.


With a service contract, you ensure that the equipment is maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's and the equipment's regulations and standards. We also ensure that the maintenance and repair documentation for the equipment is up to date.


The basic maintenance contract includes six-monthly and annual maintenance at convenient, pre-scheduled times. Our basic maintenance also includes calibrations and program temperature checks with reference measuring devices.

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We validate autoclaves according to ISO-EN 17665 and instrument washers according to ISO-EN 15883. We also perform steam quality testing according to EN-285. For older equipment, we carry out serviceability certification in accordance with the above standards.


Validation always includes a documentation check (DQ), an installation check (IQ), an operating condition check (OQ) and a performance check (PQ) documented according to the standards in force.

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We calibrated temperature, pressure, flow and conductivity, among other things. Our instruments are modern and accredited calibrated. We can provide you with all the necessary calibration certificates and instrumentation certificates.


We offer our customers training in the operation and maintenance of autoclaves, hydrogenators, steam generators and washing machines. We also offer sterilisation training, where we go through the operation of steam autoclaves, the processes involved and the factors that influence the success of sterilisation.

We tailor all training to the customer's equipment and training needs. Contact us to find out more!


Space planning

We offer a space planning service for equipment management in 4D animation.

Chemical washes

Our technicians have the most extensive experience on the market in the dry cleaning of water heaters, steam generators and single autoclave steam boilers. We carry out limestone and silicate removal with the necessary chemicals.


Our safe washing equipment and the safety training of our technicians guarantee an environmentally friendly removal of silicates and limestone, regardless of the object to be washed.

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