Ultrasonic washer for many industries

Finstec Oy's ultrasonic cleaning machine is an efficient solution for many industries. Read more about the Elmasonic S ultrasonic cleaner.

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Elmasonic S ultrasonic cleaner

Elmasonic S is a user-friendly, reliable and efficient ultrasonic cleaner suitable for a wide range of industries.


The ultrasonic cleaner can be used for example:


  • for cleaning dental laboratory instruments

  • for cleaning spectacles and optics

  • for cleaning laboratory instruments made of glass, plastic and metal

  • for cleaning surgical instruments in hospitals

  • in industry for cleaning various parts and surfaces

  • for cleaning jewellery and watches.

Elmasonic S is available in different sizes, from 0.5 to 90 litres. They are equipped with modern 37 kHz ultrasonic transducers. The cleaning tanks are made of stainless steel.


For more information about our ultrasonic cleaning machines, please see the brochure. See also our other washing machines.

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