Easy to use and fast medium sized autoclaves

Finstec Oy sells easy-to-use and fast medium-sized autoclaves to hospitals and medical centres in Finland, Sweden, Norway and EMEA.

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CISA Compact series medium sized autoclaves

Our range includes the easy to use, fast and economical CISA Compact series of medium sized autoclaves. The Compact range of autoclaves are designed for sterilising packaged or unpackaged items such as textiles, surgical instruments, utensils and other heat and moisture resistant materials. Their high capacity makes them suitable for a wide range of applications in hospitals, medical centres and operating theatres.


Compact autoclaves can be used in sterile environments. They have a circular chamber with a high capacity (-75-200 litres) and a centralised design. The -75 litre unit fits exactly 1 STU.


You can read more in the brochure or ask our staff. See also our other sterilization equipment. We will help you choose the right device for you.

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