Low temperature autoclaves for sterilisation of sensitive materials

Finstec Oy toimittaa herkkien materiaalien sterilisoimiseen sopivat matalalämpöautoklaavit. Palvelemme kattavasti Suomessa, Ruotsissa, Norjassa ja EMEA-alueella.

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CISA low heat car caviar

The plasma machine in the low temperature autoclave sterilises with hydrogen peroxide. The peroxide has a high oxidizing effect when it enters the sterilization chamber under vacuum conditions and in the presence of an electromagnetic field. It is converted into free radicals and spreads over the surfaces of the instrument. The active radicals kill bacteria and micro-organisms even at low temperatures.


Low temperature autoclave effectively sterilises heat sensitive instruments and other heat sensitive materials.


Advantages of the Low Temperature Autoclave:


  • sterilisation at low temperature (45-50 °C)

  • better penetration and efficiency

  • better heat distribution

  • no toxic residues

  • full and safe sterilisation

  • lower operating costs

  • lower maintenance costs

  • designed for easy mobility (on wheels)

  • high sterilisation capacity

  • colour touch screen for monitoring parameters

  • integrated incubator for microbiological tests

  • versatile hydrogen peroxide cartridges.

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