Safe premises through disinfection

With Finstec Oy, you get on-site disinfection that provides effective protection against pathogens, bacteria, viruses, spores and fungi.

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DioProtectionTM disinfection works automatically, reliably, cost-effectively and ecologically. The certified DioProtectionTM takes the hygiene of unit operations to a new level. The method has long been in daily use by hundreds of medical practitioners. It can be easily integrated into existing hygiene and quality management systems.


DioProtectionTM means:


  • new hygiene standard

  • a safe disinfection method

  • the convenience of

  • exemplary hygiene quality assurance

  • reliable hygiene chain closure

  • safety.

We are happy to tell you more. You can also read more about disinfection in our brochure. Also take a look at our comprehensive services.

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