Laboratory autoclaves for demanding needs

Finstec Oy sells laboratory autoclaves for the demanding needs of hospitals, laboratories, research centres and the pharmaceutical industry. We supply laboratory autoclaves to Finland, Sweden, Norway and EMEA.

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CISA laboratory autoclaves

CISA's laboratory trucks are designed for hospitals, laboratories, research centres and the pharmaceutical industry.


When sterilising material with high pathogen content (HP), CISA sterilisation autoclaves can achieve BSL4 (Biosafety Level 4).




  • installation with one or two automatic doors (vertical or horizontal sliding depending on the version)

  • automatic loading/unloading as an option

  • Bioseal on the loading or unloading side

  • user interface (HMI) on the loading/unloading side or both sides

  • liquid circulation with natural, indirect or direct forced cooling (syringes in chamber)

  • HEPA filter to protect the pump and environmental exhaust gases during the sterilisation cycle

  • HEPA filters for the compressed air inlet in the chamber cooling mode

  • for highly pathogenic applications

  • different steam connections, supply of clean steam either electrically, by heat exchanger or directly with clean steam.

You can read more about the product family in the brochure. Our staff will also be happy to answer your questions. See also our other sterilisation equipment.

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