Finstec Oy - efficient solutions for sterilization and disinfection

Finstec Oy offers efficient solutions for sterilization and disinfection for various industries. We serve customers in Finland, Sweden, Norway and EMEA. Our customers include hospitals, health centres, private medical centres, laboratories and pharmaceutical companies. Read more about our company!

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The best service

Finstec Oy provides a high quality and professional service to customers using sterilization and disinfection equipment. With years of experience in Finland, Sweden, Norway and EMEA, we already have many satisfied customers along the way.


We provide maintenance for autoclaves, clean water systems, water pretreatment equipment, clean steam generators and distillers. We supply original spare parts and perform preventive maintenance, repairs, calibrations, and validations. Our service also includes installation, refurbishment, relocation and transport of autoclaves and water equipment. We also assist with pressure vessel inspections and the selection of equipment and suppliers.


If you wish, we can service all your sterilization and disinfection equipment with a convenient service contract. We can also provide you with operating instructions, maintenance and user training, and maintenance advice.

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Diverse device knowledge

We have several decades of experience with Finn-Aqua® autoclaves, among others. Our equipment expertise also includes equipment and brands such as:


  • Amsco

  • Basil

  • BWT

  • Celitron

  • CISA

  • Fedegari

  • Finn-Aqua

  • Franke

  • Getinge

  • HAMO

  • Matachana

  • Melag

  • MMM

  • Santasalo-Sohlberg

  • Scanbur

  • Steris

  • Stilmas

  • Tuttnauer.

High quality equipment

We sell cleaning equipment and spare parts to meet the needs of a range of industries. Our products include a wide range of sterilization equipment, washing machines, water treatment equipment and indicators. We also offer complete room disinfection solutions for disinfecting entire rooms, as well as professional detergents.


Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you find the right solution for your needs. Take a look at our products and ask us more!

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