Finstec Oy is a specialist in sterilisation and disinfection equipment

Finstec Oy supplies sterilisation and disinfection equipment for the most demanding needs of different industries. We also provide maintenance and servicing services and spare parts. We are based in Helsinki, Finland, Sweden, Norway and EMEA.


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Finstec Oy

010 470 1470 (the number is answered 24/7)

Sienitie 46

00760 Helsinki


Juhani Saarinen
0400 464 671 (on-call 24/7)


Marko Tikka
040 508 6072 (on-call 24/7)


Juho Saarinen
0400 459 269


Timi Ahola 
045 123 7369


Juha Höysniemi
 050 550 2370

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