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Finstec Oy provides efficient table-top sterilisation scales for hospitals, medical and dental clinics.

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CISA table-top autoclaves

Our range includes CISA's fast and economical, fully automatic steam autoclaves for sterilising packaged materials and porous products in private medical and dental clinics.


CISA table-top autoclaves are efficient and mobile. They meet the highest standards and requirements for quality, use and safety.


The autoclaves are equipped with a fully automatic door locking system, so that the door can be opened and closed at the touch of a button. A water purification system is also available to improve water quality and avoid the need to fill water tanks manually. All programs can be documented on the printer or stored on an SD memory card.

You can find out more about the technical characteristics of the products in the brochure. Our staff will also be happy to tell you more about our table-top autoclaves and other sterilisation equipment.

Autoclaves are designed for sterilising surgical instruments, as well as rubber gloves, glassware, bottles, test tubes, pipettes, petri dishes and other laboratory equipment. Autoclaves use hot steam as the sterilising agent, with a temperature control up to 143 °C and a maximum pressure of 3 bar. The device is equipped with two test programmes: the VACUUM TEST to check the tightness of the chamber and tube barrier and the BOWIE&DICK test to verify the efficiency of the steam and the sterilisation process. The device consists of a stainless steel sterilisation chamber with a sealed and automatically locking door. The autoclave system has tubes made of PTFE and silicone, and fittings and other components are made of stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminium and PTFE.

Autoclaves help to eliminate microbes, prevent infections and produce clean and sterilised instruments. Steam autoclaves are suitable for all materials that can withstand heating. Its operation is based on high temperature, overpressure and saturated water vapour. The autoclaves are used to place already washed and clean, disinfected, inspected and packaged instruments, which are sterilised in the autoclaves by steam.


Servicing and maintenance of autoclaves is also part of our service. We also offer preventive maintenance, sterilisation equipment maintenance, repairs, installations, equipment transfers and support services. Read more about the services we offer on our services page.

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