A wide range of sterilization equipment

Finstec Oy offers a wide range of sterilization equipment for health centres, hospitals, laboratories and the pharmaceutical industry. Our range covers autoclaves of different sizes, from table top autoclaves to much larger models. We serve Finland, Sweden, Norway and EMEA.

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Table top models

Our range includes mobile, table-top autoclaves suitable for sterilizing packaged materials, hollow instruments and porous products in hospitals, private medical and dental clinics.

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Medium sized autoclaves

We supply hospitals and medical centres with fast, economical, medium-sized autoclaves suitable for sterilizing packaged or unpackaged items such as textiles or instruments.

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Large autoclaves

Our products include fully automatic, large autoclaves with pre and post vacuum. They are suitable for versatile sterilization in hospitals and health centres. You can choose the sterilization programme that suits you best from a wide range of options.

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Laboratory autoclaves

Our range includes laboratory autoclaves for sterilizing highly pathogenic material. With our laboratory autoclaves you can achieve a high level of biosafety.

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GMP autoclaves

CISA's GMP autoclaves are designed for research centres and the pharmaceutical industry. They can effectively sterilize material with high pathogen content.

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Low temperature car crates

We can provide you with low temperature autoclaves suitable for sterilizing heat-sensitive instruments and other heat-sensitive materials. The plasma machines in the low temperature autoclaves clean with hydrogen peroxide.

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Contact us for a quote on our sterilization equipment. Asking for a quote does not commit you to anything. You can easily reach us by phone, email or contact form. You can also use the form to easily provide feedback or ask for more information about our services. Our telephone number is available 24/7 and will answer enquiries from Finland, Sweden, Norway and EMEA.

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